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We provide total marine distribution support by precisely understanding
the status of the port and each ship and providing essential information to our customers.

What is TST Corporation?

Our Business

Information Services/Solutions

We provide information services/solutions, which are a combination of the latest schedule data for each port,
constantly changing navigational situation data, and our amassed
ship navigation history data accumulated over more than 10 years.

Our solutions are used by the authorities and private companies across many fields,
including marine transport, port administration, marine safety and port design/construction,
and we support the work of our customers smoothly and efficiently.

Port Management Related Services
(Port Radio etc.)

Information plays an important role in order for ships to enter and leave ports safely and efficiently.
We collect the operational schedule of ships at all of Japan's main ports and
keep track of the navigational situation in real time.
This information is used for several services, such as port radio and port facility management work,
that are essential in the running of ports, and supports the safe and smooth operation of ports.

Ship Operation Support WorkPort radio
Ship Operation Support Work

We collect the schedule of ships, keep track of the navigational situation and communicate with the vessels by radio.

Port Facility Management WorkPre-arrival application work.
Berth designation work
Port Facility Management Work

We make the various applications and arrangements for organizations wanting to use the port facilities.

Tugboat Assignment Work
Tugboat Assignment Work

We undertake tugboat assignment work and assign tugboats, giving the utmost consideration to efficiency and safety.

Information Provision Work for Marine Construction
Information Provision Work for Marine Construction

We provide information about the port status and movement of ships to marine construction workers.


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