AIS Data Feed

Sending high-quality AIS data in real time
from the Japanese coastline

From the AIS station network that we operate independently around Japan,
we collect approximately 30 million sentences of AIS data per day. We send this high-quality data,
in real time, from our server to our customers' servers etc.

AIS Data Feed


❶ Covering vast areas of the Japanese coastline

The areas around ports are not the only areas covered by this service. As well as course changing points and refuge ports, we cover a large part of the coastline. By updating the data frequently, we can track ships stably and seamlessly.

❷ Setting flexible sending conditions

You can select which data, such as specific area or specific ship, is sent to you.

❸ Versatile original data formats

The format of sent data is the same as the original AIS data. This allows minimal burden on the construction of your reception system.

❹ Comprehensive maintenance

The AIS station network is installed and operated independently by TST Corporation. Equipment is automatically monitored remotely to avoid long-term delays to the service.


  • Ship Operation / Ship Management
  • Pilot Operation
  • Port Service Operation
  • Port Management / Water Area Monitoring
  • Software Development
  • Information Service

Merits of use

  • AIS data collection is possible with minimal initial cost
  • Highly customizable data that can be combined with your original data

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