• On July 1st, Yokohama-based Bankoku-shingosho (established in 1919) merged with Kobe-senpaku-tsushinsha (established in 1913), to create Toyo-shingo-tsushinsha (TST) Corporation.
  • Operations were suspended due to the Second World War.
  • Operations restarted after the war ended.
  • Opened Torigasaki signal station.
  • Started selling customs forms.
  • Built main office printing factory in Moto-machi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi.
  • Opened Tokyo form-selling store.
  • Republished Keihin shipping daily report.
  • Rebuilt Kobe printing factory.
  • Opened Shimizu Port office.
  • Opened Yokosuka Port office.
  • Opened Nagoya Port office.
  • Entrusted Harumi signal station work from Tokyo Prefecture.
  • Entrusted Chiba Port signal station work from Chiba Prefecture.
  • Opened Hinomisaki watchhouse.
  • Opened Irousaki watchhouse.
  • Merged with Osaka-senpaku-tsushinsha.
  • Opened Osaka office.
  • Opened Wakayama-kita Port office.
  • Opened Kamishima watchhouse.
  • Merged with Kanmonko-senpaku-tsuhosho.
  • Opened Kanmon branch office.
  • Opened Oita-sekizaki watchhouse.
  • Established Toshin-denwa Corporation (all stocks owned by TST Corporation).
  • After the opening of Tokyo Bay international marine VHF station, Toshin-denwa Corporation was entrusted with the operation of the station from the 3 licensees of Tokyo City, Kawasaki City and Yokohama City.
  • Opened Jizosaki watchhouse.
  • Opened Tagonoura Port office.
  • Opened Kobe VHF station and entrusted with operation from Kobe City.
  • Opened Kitakyushu VHF station and entrusted with operation from Kitakyushu City and Shimonoseki City.
  • Opened Kyushu Hesaki signal station.
  • Opened Kyushu Wakamatsu office.
  • Moved Kobe branch office to new office in Wadamisaki-machi.
  • Toshin-denwa Corporation was entrusted with VHF work from Chiba Prefecture.
  • Started work selling and repairing radio equipment.
  • Opened Yura signal station.
  • Entrusted VHF work licensed from Sakaide City.
  • Opened Yokohama Honmoku watchhouse.
  • Opened Kyushu Mutsure watchhouse.
  • Opened Kashima Port office.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Ibaraki Prefecture.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Yokosuka-mizusakinin Pty Ltd.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Oita Prefecture.
  • Opened Yokkaichi Port office.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Yokkaichi Port Management Society.
  • Toshin-denwa Corporation was entrusted with VHF work from Yokosuka City.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Licensed Inlandsea Pilots' Association.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Fukuoka Prefecture.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Kanmon Straits & Harbour Pilot Association.
  • Increased capital to 50,000,000 yen.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Fukuoka City.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Okayama Prefecture.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Osakawan Pilots' Association.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Shizuoka Prefecture.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Aichi Prefecture.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Irago Pilots' Association.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • Signed agency contract with Tokyo Bay Marinet Co., Ltd.
  • Opened Yokohama Honmoku D Pier watchhouse.
  • Started property insurance agency work.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Nagasaki Prefecture and Nishi-Kyushu Kyodo Kowan Inc.
  • Opened licensed radar station in Shipping Information Department of Main Office.
  • Started import agency work for German company SIKA.
  • Started using shipping movement management network system.
  • Entrusted tugboat assignment work from Yokkaichi Port Management Society.
  • Entrusted night-time adjustment work from Yokohama City Port and Harbor Authority.
  • Entrusted ship monitoring work from Nagoya Port Management Society.
  • Entrusted ship watchhouse work from Fukuoka City.
  • Opened Osaka Shipping Information Center.
  • Entrusted VHF work from Osaka City.
  • Opened Shimizu Shipping Information Center.
  • Opened Tokyo Bay Shipping Information Center inside Yokohama Port Distribution Center.
  • TST Corporation absorbed Toshin-denwa Corporation.
  • Started import agency work for German company AS-Schneider.
  • Started publishing PORT VIEW instead of the shipping daily report for all ports.
  • Replaced shipping movement management network system with second generation version.
  • Entrusted shipping navigational adjustment work from Osaka City.
  • Moved headquarters to Yokohama Port Distribution Center.
  • Started providing information to Kaikyo Drama Ship in Kitakyushu City.
  • Entrusted Mizushima Port navigation management support work from Okayama Prefecture.
  • Started sea area usage arrangement work for West route of Tokyo Port.
  • Started creating Japan-wide network of AIS receiving stations.
  • Started security work.
  • Entrusted work to meet SOLAS requirements from Aichi Prefecture.
  • Entrusted wharf security work from Chiba Prefecture.
  • Entrusted security countermeasure monitoring work from Fukuoka City and Oita Prefecture.
  • Started care-giving service.
  • Entrusted VHF wireless station operation and management work from Kimitsu Works, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation.
  • Entrusted ship seating allocation work from Kitakyushu City.
  • Started construction information provision work at D Runway, Haneda Airport.
  • Entrusted tugboat assignment work from Kanmon Tugboat Society.
  • Started night-time agency work at Shimizu Port group.
  • Built Mikawa Port office newly.
  • Delivered AIS image display devices to Japanese customs houses and started providing data.
  • Started Osaka Bay shipping navigation support work.
  • Entrusted mast height survey work for ships entering/leaving Tokyo Port from Tokyo Civil Aviation Bureau.
  • Entrusted service call work from Tokyo Keiki Inc.
  • Appeared at "SEA JAPAN 2010" exhibition.
  • Opened Vessel Schedule Site - VSS portal site for the movement information of container ships.
  • Entrusted Tokyo International Airport shipping movement tracking from Tokyo Civil Aviation Bureau.
  • Established business alliance with Elane Inc. Started "ShipFinder.com" AIS information sending service, provided by Elane Inc.
  • Signed contract with IHS for comprehensive AIS data provision.
  • Entrusted overall navigational adjustment work from Yokohama City Port and Harbor Authority.
  • Performed system duplication as a countermeasure against disaster.
  • Started anchorage information provision work to Wakayama Works, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation.
  • Entrusted berth arrangement from Sakaide City.
  • Five major international container ship companies joined our Vessel Schedule Service.
  • Started dredging construction information provision work at Kobe Port.
  • Entrusted navigational adjustment work, due to the dredging of Osaka's main routes, from Kobe Marine Casualty Prevention Institute.
  • Started navigational safety information provision work at Osaka Port.
  • Appeared at "SEA JAPAN 2012" exhibition.
  • Started sending wind direction and wind speed data to Osakawan Pilots' Association.
  • Joined the VTS Committee at the VTS Symposium held by IALA, as an observer.
  • Entrusted port entry/exit information provision work from Ibaraki Prefecture.
  • Along with Kyowa Keisen Co., Ltd., jointly entrusted boat assignment work for Yokohama Port public quay from Yokohama Port Corporation.
  • Entrusted operation of Sakaide office from Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture.
  • Entrusted operation of Yokosuka Port management office from Yokosuka City.
  • Attended IAPH (International Association of Ports and Harbors) General Meeting.
  • Attended AIS SUMMIT 2013.
  • Appeared at Bari-ship 2013 international maritime exhibition.
  • Kyowa Shipping Co., Ltd. buys all Kyowa Keisen Co., Ltd. stocks making it a complete subsidiary.
  • Entrusted Osaka Port shipping safety support work from Osaka City.
  • Appeared at "SEA JAPAN 2014" exhibition.
  • Entrusted Osaka Port patrol boat management work from the joint enterprise of Toyo, Mirai and Rinkai Nissan construction companies.
  • Attended IAPH (International Association of Ports and Harbors) General Meeting.
  • Appeared at "SEA JAPAN 2016" exhibition.
  • Started Tokyo Port North-South road information management work entrusted from Toa Corporation.
  • Appeared at LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2016 exhibition jointly with CargoSmart Limited.
  • Released the container ship schedules for the sea freight system cloud-based service "e-forwarder/e-nvoce", operated by Exa-System.
  • Attended GLASS Project held by NASA, due to the cooperation of JAMSS America, Inc.
  • Entrusted night VHF work from Nagoya Port Authority.
  • Entrusted Tokyo Port North-South road sea area usage investigation work from Tokyo Port Office, Kanto Regional Development Bureau.
  • Obtained ISO9001:2015 and JIS Q 9001:2015 concerning planning, providing and managing the education of port radio operators.
  • Appeared at Bari-ship 2017 international maritime exhibition jointly with E-chart Co., Ltd.
  • Started construction-related ship navigation support work entrusted from Tokyo City.
  • Started deliver radar images to the Shin Honmoku Safety Navigation Management Office and construction information sharing business by IP wireless.
  • Started passing adjustment work in the Ichikawa waterway area of Chiba Port.
  • Started navigation management support work in Kanda port.
  • Started navigation adjustment work entrusted by Aichi Prefecture at Mikawa Port.
  • Started usage investigation work entrusted by Tokyo Prefecture at Tokyo Port East road sea area.
  • Appeared at "Kansai Logistics Exhibition".
  • Started safety measures work in the Nishiyama area of Kanmon Port.
  • Entrusted Aids to navigation lighting confirmation work from Kobe Port Office, Kinki Regional Development Bureau.
  • Entrusted all VHF work from Nagoya Port Authority.
  • Signed a basic agreement with Denmark company Sternula regarding joint venture on satellite VDES.
  • Contracted with Beppu Port and Airport Development of the Kyushu Regional Development Bureau for safety measures related to construction of a new quay for RORO ships in the Ozai area of Oita Port.
  • Release of Ise Bay version of agency business DX service “Optems”
  • Entrusted anchorage usage support services from Okayama Prefecture.
  • Joind the 14th IALA General Meeting and 20th IALA Conference.