Vessel Schedule Service(VSS)

An ASP service that supports the management and publication of port arrival/departure schedule for regular container ships

The Vessel Schedule Service (VSS) is an ASP service that supports the management of port
arrival/departure schedule for container shipping companies.

We provide a range of online features, including port arrival/departure schedule collection,
all types of data management, and publication of a ship's movements to the cargo owner,
all of which are essential aspects of shipment management for shipping companies.

Vessel Schedule Service(VSS)


❶ Monitoring port arrival/departure schedule updated every hour, 24 hours a day, for ships operating at Japan's container ports

In combination with our port arrival/departure schedule, you can monitor not only your own ships but also alliance ships, feeder ships etc. operating at Japan's container ports, updated every hour, 24 hours a day. (* Certain smaller ports are not included.)

❷ Central management of information such as exchange rates and CY information from the management screen

On the management dashboard you can collectively manage data including exchange rates, the B/L issuance situation, CY delivery destination information, CY cut-off dates, collective delivery dates, delay information, and the main items of the ship, in addition to port arrival/departure schedule.

❸ Publication of ship's movements to cargo owner also updated every hour

We prepare a schedule publication site for providing related information such as port arrival/departure schedule and exchange rates to cargo owners.

❹ Storage of port arrival/departure record data

All historical port arrival/departure records are stored on our server. You can use this to analyze past operational performance etc.

❺ Support for sending vessel schedule data to external systems (optional)

Port arrival/departure schedule data on the VSS server can be sent to a shipping company's main system and shared as necessary. In addition to the typical CSV format, UN/EDIFACT IFTSAI format data files are supported.

❻ Can be used as an advertising tool for shipping companies

There is a space for advertising to cargo owners on the schedule publication site. You can use this as a PR tool to advertise your services.

❼ Access analysis feature

The schedule publication site has an access analysis feature. You can use this to analyze site usage statistics.

❽ Cloud-based features that don't require maintenance on your side

This system operates on a cloud-based server. You are not required to provide and maintain your own server.

❾ System operation support via our support service

Our specialist team provides system operation support for the port arrival/departure schedule management etc. needs of our customers.


  • Shipping Company Operation
  • Customer Service Operation such as Shipping Document Publication

Merits of use

  • Visualization of ocean shipping schedules
  • Labor and cost savings for data collection work
  • Speedy information sharing with stakeholders

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