Thank you very much for accessing the TST Corporation employment information page.
We also accept phone calls regarding general inquiries about recruitment.
Please feel free to contact us.
TEL 045-510-2349

Information Services/Solutions
Port Management Related Services (Port radio etc.)

We have started accepting internship applications for 2020 fiscal year applicants.
Please apply via My Navi 2020.
My Navi 2020
For already-graduated or mid-career applicants, please call us for more information.

Measuring Equipment Sales Service

We have no vacancies at this time.

Printing Service

We have no vacancies at this time.

Care-giving Service

We are always looking for helpers at "KAGAYAKI".
(Applicants can be any age, must have at least level 2 helper qualifications and be able to work in Kobe City.)
For details, please call 078-681-0007.