Information Provision Work for Marine Construction

Ports require construction work such as building and repairing quays and breakwaters,
and water depth dredging maintenance. We can provide information to ships navigating around the construction area,
when requested to do so by the construction ordering party (usually the government or port administrator),
the construction contractor (usually a company specializing in marine construction work), or another related organization.
Our information is used in a variety of ways. At the construction planning stage
it is used for analyzing the past movement of traffic, on the day before work it is used to plan work,
and on the day of work it is used to decide on the timing of tasks to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.
Therefore, value is placed on accurate and up-to-date information.
We collect and organize data from each office daily and aim to provide this data in an efficient way.
Further, we support ships navigating in the vicinity of construction sites by keeping them informed
of the construction work details and the fact that work-related ships will be navigating in the area.

Information Provision Work for Marine Construction

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