Vessel Schedule Data Feed

A data service/solution providing
the latest arrival/departure schedules for ports in Japan

Ships arrival/departure schedule are constantly subject to change due to bad weather,
berth congestion, port closures etc. Once a schedule has changed,
this affects the work of all related parties such as advanced preparations for a ship to enter the port,
the cargo transport process, and creation of shipping documents.

Vessel schedule data sent out by TST Corporation covers arrival/departure schedule for all main ports in Japan.
By using this data in your company's information system,
not only can you streamline ship schedule checking work, you can also make sure that navigational status is
up-to-date, leading to quality improvements for your company.

Vessel Schedule Data Feed


❶ Basic data items

Vessel schedule data file contains information such as ship name, voyage number, shipping company name, planned and actual port arrival/departure date and time (ETA/ETD, ATA/ATD), and berth name.

❷ Trustworthy port arrival/departure schedule

At TST Corporation, we research port arrival/departure schedule independently. We obtain information from trustworthy sources such as shipping companies, ports, AIS information and visual monitoring.

❸ Arrival/departure schedule for all main ports in Japan

We cover approximately 70 ports in Japan, concentrating on container handling ports. Also, in some ports we collect port arrival/departure schedule for foreign bound bulk ships and tankers etc.

❹ Data feed system

We have developed a file sending application to meet customer requests. We can generate a port arrival/departure schedule data file according to conditions such as port, ship, and date/time, and send it to you at requested intervals by FTP server or by e-mail.

❺ Port arrival/departure schedule data package containing regular container ship data specifically for NVOCC/ocean freight forwarders.

For NVOCC/ocean freight forwarders, we provide a regular distribution package covering port arrival/departure schedule for regular container ships.
Please use it for your shipment operation.


  • Shipping Company/NVOCC Operation
  • Ocean Freight Forwarding
  • Port/Terminal Operation

Merits of use

  • Visualization of ocean shipping schedules
  • Labor and cost savings for data collection work
  • Speedy information sharing with stakeholders

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