Global Vessel Schedule Tracker

A regular container ship schedule tracking service developed for the needs of cargo owners and forwarders in Japan

Today the network of regular container ships spread all over the world
supports the high-level supply chain of global companies.
However, factors such the weather, port congestion,
cargo work and port closures mean that the schedules of regular container ships are constantly changing.
Users of marine transport services must continuously keep track of these schedules,
and being able to sense a change in schedule becomes important for smooth transport.

Global Vessel Schedule Tracker (GVST) is a regular container ship schedule
tracking service developed for the needs of cargo owners and forwarders/NVOCC in Japan.
GVST combines navigational status data obtained from shipping companies,
shipping agents, port terminals, port information centers, and the global AIS network,
and provides an unprecedented ship tracking service. We support decision making regarding
marine transport schedule monitoring and supply chain planning improvement,
for cargo owners and forwarders/NVOCC, with our refined online dashboard.

GVST was jointly developed between CargoSmart Limited and TST Corporation.

Global Vessel Schedule Tracker


GVST provides features useful for tracking ship schedules, using a dashboard-type user interface.

❶ Latest schedule status

With GVST you can view the port arrival/departure schedules, from one week in the past to three weeks in the future, of approximately 5000 container ships arriving to and leaving from Japanese container ports covered by the TST Corporation. Further, for schedules of ships supported by CargoSmart Limited, you can check a ship's live position on a map, and check its status. Has it sailed from its last port of call; has it arrived in the area of its destination port in Japan; has it arrived at its terminal; has it left the port for its next destination?

❷ Schedule change alerts (Premium Plan)

With GVST, if a change of more than 24 hours occurs to an Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) or Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for the registered schedule of one of your ships, you will be notified of this by an alert icon on that ship's schedule. Further, as an optional service, you can also receive an e-mail to notify you of the change, allowing you to prepare in advance for disruptions to your supply chain. This service is available for the schedules of ships supported by CargoSmart Limited.

❸ Weather alerts (Premium Plan)

With GVST, you can be notified of bad weather that affects your ship's schedule and may potentially cause delays to marine transport. If the schedule for a ship you are monitoring is subjected to bad weather that could cause a delay, you will be notified by an alert icon on the schedule for that port and for that period. This service is available for the schedules of ships supported by CargoSmart Limited.

❹ Vessel Schedule API (Basic/Premium Plan・Option)

You can search for vessel schedules which are related to Japan ports based on predefined parameters through your system’s application programming interface (API).This function enables you to automate your data collection so that you can make your business process more efficient.For more detail about API service, please contact with pruduct support team.



  • NVOCC Operation
  • Ocean Shipment Management

Merits of Use

  • Visualization of ocean shipping schedules
  • Labor and cost savings for data collection work
  • Speedy information sharing with stakeholders

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