Real tracking charts with simple operation

This software is a business tool specifically for creating tracking charts.
You can easily make real tracking charts using past logs of AIS data.
Turning objective data into easy-to-understand charts helps with investigating and
analyzing marine accidents, as well as training ship personnel.



❶ Making AIS tracking charts with simple operation

You are able to load past logs of AIS data into the software with simple operation and draw ship's track onto electronic sea charts without any specialist knowledge.

❷ Ship's attitude transition expressed graphically

Not only does the system position tracking lines, it also shows how the ship's attitude changes using ship heading and antenna position information. This software allows you to recreate objective events from the past.

❸ Sharing information laterally using the screenshot feature

You can output the created tracking chart as an image file. This is useful for other types of work such as attaching the tracking chart to reports or circulating it to relevant parties.

❹ Lateral approach speed display feature (optional)

By using the lateral approach speed display feature, you can check reference information when a ship docks at a port.

  • This software was developed by TODAKA Corporation.
  • AIS data is required to create tracking charts.


  • Ship Operation
  • Ship Management
  • Safety Management
  • Pilot Operation

Merits of use

  • Labor savings for creating tracking charts
  • Labor savings for analyzing marine accidents and sharing information
  • Improved training for ship personnel

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