From ship's operational management to tracking surveys
Highly versatile ship tracking system is a web service that provides the information of up to 60,000 AIS-equipped ships worldwide.

On the dashboard of this service you can monitor ships on a live map,
create alerts for when a ship arrives at a port, and use a variety of tools for analyzing historical track data.

This is a highly versatile web service used widely by companies related to marine transport and ports.

( is a service developed and provided by Elane Inc.)


? Covering ships from Japan, China, North America, Europe etc. in all major seas and ports

The live position of around 60,000 AIS-equipped ships is covered by receiving AIS data 3 million packets per a day, via the on-land AIS receiving station network and AIS receivers on satellites revolving in low orbit. In particular, around the Japanese and Chinese coastlines, we maintain our own AIS receiving facilities. This allows us to provide stable, high-quality data.

? A perfect monitoring tool for following your fleets.

Ships selected as "My Highlights" (Favorites) by the user are displayed separately to other ships on the live map. There is also an alert tool that sends you and e-mail when a selected ship has arrived at its destination.

? Port/sea area analysis/monitoring tool

You can analyze the navigational situation of ships on the live map by extracting ships in or due to enter a selected port, or by using the target filter feature.
There is also an optional feature that allows you to record and receive alerts when a ship enters or leaves a certain port area.

? Tracking tool

Ship information does not solely consist of "live data". With the standard package, you can search historical ship track of last one month and draw them on a live map. As an option, you can also access up to 2 years of historical data and export data to a CSV file.

? API Service provides an API service which enables you to get ship positions and historical tracks directly from the web service and integrate this data into your own applications, such as ship management system, logistics visibility system, and port management system.


  • Ship Operation / Ship Management
  • Ocean Freight Forwarding
  • Shipping Agency Husbanding
  • Pilot Operation
  • Port Service Operation
  • Port Management / Water Area Monitoring
  • Marine Traffic Analysis Survey

Merits of use

  • Visualization of ship navigation / marine traffic situation
  • Labor and cost savings for data collection/analysis work
  • Speedy information sharing with stakeholders

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