A company with a history of over 85 years.

In 1932, Yokohama-based Bankoku-shingosho merged with Kobe-senpaku-tsushinsha,
and Toyo-shingo-tsushinsha (TST) Corporation was born.
Our mission of providing accurate data about the movement of
ships to our customers continues to today.
Further, as introduced below,
we are aiming to grow in every direction to meet new challenges.

A company that provides information
about the movement of ships.

For Japan, where 99% of trade is done by marine transport,
shipping information is very important for people in all areas, such as ports, transport companies,
and various public organizations.
We have the facilities,
know-how and systems to be able to provide
this information to meet our customers' needs.

Information Services and Solutions

A company that offers an operational
support service for ships.

The operation of port radio is entrusted to us by port management bodies
(local municipalities) throughout Japan.
Of all the radio operators in the world,
port radio refers to radio operators located in Japan that are located near ports and
used for the purpose of navigating ships safely and using ports efficiently.
Port radio, which was first established in 1964 in Tokyo Bay,
quickly spread throughout Japan. Nowadays, we operate the majority of them.
Further, apart from port radio, we handle various work
essential for operating a port including port facility management work such as port
entry/exit application reception work and berth designation work,
and tugboat assignment work.

Port Management Related Services (Port radio etc.)

We contribute to society through
our multitude of services.

We joined forces with SIKA, the established German maker of
shipping thermometers used around the world, and with AS-Schneider,
the German company that makes industrial valves used in shipping,
petrochemical factories, and power stations, etc.
We have gained trust in all areas as a general agency for these companies.
Apart from shipping equipment,
we currently offer all kinds of environmental measuring equipment including industrial thermometers,
flowmeters, flow switches, level switches,
temperature calibrators, pressure calibrators,
instrumentation valves and other manufacturers' anemometers.
We provide a speedy and flexible service in collaboration with the manufacturers.

Further, we also started a printing service to print
"daily shipping reports" that contain information about the ships.
This service has continued since the early days of our company,
and have our own printing .
We also handle printing jobs from fields other than ships and ports,
and apart from printing, we sell various governmental application forms
and customs-related documents.

In addition to this, in terms of social action work,
we are starting a care-giving service.
By offering these community-based services,
we hope to continue to grow ourselves.

Measuring Equipment Sales Service Printing Service