Navigation History Data

A large database of navigational history encompassing
the ports and coast of Japan

The TST Corporation database stores a vast amount of data
regarding the movement of ships along the coastline of Japan.
This data can be used to analyze the port call history data of ships,
detailed navigational data from AIS information and the marine traffic situation,
as well as to analyze macro-economic trends such as various port statistics
and estimating the volume of sea cargo.

Ship Information 36KShips

Ship Detail Ship Detail

AIS Tracking History Data Past 10 years 30Msentences per day

Track History Track History

Port Call History Data Past 17 years 3.5Mrecords

Port Call History Port Call History

Passage Data 300 locations in Japan 50Mrecords

Passing History Passing History

Berthing History Data 70 ports in Japan 6Kberths

Berthing History Berthing History

Items of Data 100types

Data Items Data Items


❶ Storing port call history data for Japan's main ports

When, what type of ship, which port, which berth? At TST Corporation, we have built up a database of approximately 3.5 million mooring records of 36,000 ships monitored at 70 major Japanese ports since 1999. The accumulated port arrival/departure history data is widely used, not only in evaluations before and after port maintenance and construction, but also in statistical surveys such as estimating the volume of import/export cargo.

❷ AIS history data from the Japanese coastline

Thanks to our AIS station network, we receive 30 million pieces of AIS data from ships every day. We have saved this extensive data over a period of 10 years without interval in our own unique format. This allows us to provide seamless map drawing abilities and detailed AIS data, down to the second. At the same time, we also recorded ship passage data in approximately 300 areas including those around ports, breakwaters, shipping routes and straits. Our AIS data is used and praised widely in areas such as analyzing the amount and density of marine traffic, investigating accidents that require highly accurate tracking reproducibility, and training ship personnel.

❸ Creating data that suits our customers' needs

By combining our databases, we can create data files that suit your needs. We can sort data according to ship name, ship type, tonnage, port, berth, shipping route and sea area etc. Also, regarding past AIS data, we offer a flat rate system that allows you to download past data from our website according to sea area, ship name and time period etc.


  • Statistic Creation such as Port arrival/departure Records
  • Marine Traffic Volume Analysis Survey
  • Marine Accident/Damage Survey

Merits of Use

  • Vastly reduced time spent on collecting data, labor savings for survey work, reduced lead time, and cost cutting
  • Sharing evidence of marine accidents to related parties through objective tracking data
  • High-quality ship personnel training through detailed reproduction of navigational data

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